Mahuru village revives volleyball

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The National, Thursday 29th December 2011

MAHURU village in the National Capital District started its Christmas and New Year celebrations by reviving the volleyball competition.
After 11 years in the wilderness, the sport has made a comeback to the Motu-Koita village.
Competition started on Dec 10.
There are currently 10 teams participating in the open men’s and women’s divisions.
The teams are PX, CP Stripes, Kona Squad, Black Scorpions, Pit Vipers, West Brothers-West Sisters, Jay Rocks, Braosy Hoods, Hunters and Besties from Vadavada.
Mahuru Volleyball Association president Tony Kales said the aim of reviving the sport was to keep the youths occupied during the festive season.
“After 11 years of absence, the Iokea youths of Mahuru decided to show their parents that they can watch volleyball in the village,” Kales said.
“Most of these youths have been playing volleyball in the Fairfax and NCD competitions in the past years.
“With the help of senior players in the Fairfax competition like
John Raepa, Jeffery Memafu and Junior Miller Ovasuru, the pre-season games ended the third week.
“Experiencing drinking problems in the past among our youths, we came up with the competition to keep them busy through Christmas and New Year,” he said.
Kales said the competition would continue every Saturday into the New Year and end with the finals in February.