Mai supports Namah

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The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

PNG Party leader Belden Namah is confident he will have the support of more new members in the next few days as lobbying to form the government intensified.
It is believed some candidates, who contested under some political parties, are breaking way from the parties and are teaming up with either Peter O’Neill or Namah without consulting of their party officials.
T.H.E. Party-endorsed candidate for the West Sepik provincial seat and newly-elected MP Amkat Mai has teamed up with Namah at his Rapopo Plantation camp in Kokopo.
Mai has made his stand clear that he did not contest under any political party but as a pro-PNG Party and independent candidate.
“I contested as pro-PNG Party and independent candidate in the national election and not under the T.H.E. Party sticker as reported in the media,” Mai said.
The MP said that T.H.E. Party approached him late.
He said he would support his fellow West SEpik man Namah though had no ill feelings towards T.H.E. Party leader Don Pomb Polye.
“Polye is a very promising young leader and I have high regards and respect for him. But for me, I will stay with Mr Namah and his coalition,” he said.
According to information from the PNG Electoral Commission media centre in Port Moresby, Mai is registered under T.H.E. Party, which has pledged support for Peter O’Neill to form of the new government.
Attempts to contact Polye yesterday were unsuccessful as it is believed he is in camp with O’Neill in Alotau.