Mai takes office in quiet ceremony

National, Normal

Then National, Wednesday 12th September, 2012

WEST SEPIK Governor Amkat Mai was officially sworn-into office as the head of the provincial government in Vanimo on Monday.
However, the ceremony
was only witnessed by the 12 local level government presidents.
Vanimo town community leader Gabriel Deckwalen said all the four open members of the province were absent.
Deckwalen was present at the swearing-in, which included the election of a new deputy governor.
The post is now held by Maimai Wanwan local level government president Titus Suweri.
He said the vacancy existed following the resignation of Wutung-Onei-Bewani local level government president Patrick Muliale, who contested the West Sepik provincial seat in the elections.
Deckwalen said Suweri scored eight votes to four by fellow contestant, Dominic Meidom.
Meidom is the president of the Aitape East local level government.
Deckwalen said the provincial assembly had adjourned the swearing-in ceremony.
The LLG representatives who were absent were from Nuku Central, East Wapei in Lumi, Yapsie in Telefomin, Vanimo urban and Wutung Onei Bewani.
Vanimo town mayor Peter Yemin had automatically lost his post after resigning to contest the provincial seat this year.