Maiba takes over NIO

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The National, Wednesday 25th January 2012

THE National Executive Council has appointed Bruno Maika as the acting director-general of the National Intelligence Organisation.
He replaces Robert Nenta who, according to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, had reached the compulsory retirement age of 60 on Jan 1.
“Nenta’s employment contract is still valid until 27 Oct 2013 but his age disqualifies him from continuing to serve in the organisation,” O’Neill said in
a statement.
Nenta’s appointment lapsed on Jan 12.
“NEC has also advised the head of state to revoke Nenta’s appointment and to swear in his successor until a substantive appointment is made,” O’Neill said.
Cabinet has directed the government’s chief secretary Manasupe Zurenouc and the Department of Personnel Management secretary to ensure that Nenta is paid out accordingly.
The other option for the state is to redeploy him as a national security consultant for the remainder of his contract
Nenta has served as director-general for almost a decade.