Mainstream under performing


PAPUA New Guinea’s mainstream media is not doing enough to disseminate information, create awareness and hold authorities accountable by asking the questions that needs to be asked.
When the state of emergency (SOE) first begun there was a lot of trust, people believed in the Government and felt that something was being done.
There were daily updates telecasted live on Facebook and television stations, aired on the radio and new information every morning in the newspaper.
Now I wonder where all those reporters went to? Did they come out of quarantine already?
Why aren’t there any more live telecast or for that matter daily briefings?
It is the media’s duty to build a bridge between the people and the Government.
We want to see, hear and read what our leaders are doing, and it’s so much better when we are watching them live.
At the moment, I notice only NBC is broadcasting talkback shows and television shows and running question and answer sessions.
That’s good but NBC is government owned and I wonder if the questions are pre-planned. But at least they are doing something.
What about the other media houses, Post Courier, The National, EMTV, FM 100 and PNG FM?
I want to read also what is happening and hear on the radio.
Where are the reporters? Still in quarantine?
People are waiting for news, they are hungry for news, not old news but new news.
We want to know what’s happening, what is being done, why it’s being done, where the funding is going to?
Its time authorities realise that Papua New Guineans are now more intelligent, opinionated and vocal and we want to know what’s happening in our country.

Frustrated News Consumer,