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Goroka police enforcing the curfew which starts at 2pm. – Nationalpics by ZACHERY PER

By LULU MARK and Zachery Per
THE provincial health authorities must maintain an open line of communication and make regular contacts with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) National Control Centre (NCC) to ensure an effective and prompt response, an official says.
Deputy National Pandemic Response Controller Dr Daoni Esorom said some health authorities around the country, for example, did not order their supplies such as the personal protective equipment (PPE) on time.
“We have a lot of PPEs.
“In fact, we have three warehouses full of PPEs,” he said.
“The problem is that the PHAs are not ordering on time.
“They only order when there is a problem.
“Order and stock up so that you can also have a buffer.”
In the case of Eastern Highlands, Dr Esorom urged the provincial health authority (PHA) to maintain consistent contact with the NCC.
“Eastern Highlands is not reporting daily on the cases,” he said.
“Ask the PHA CEO (Dr Joseph Apa) where are the cases today.
“What’s the inventory for PPE?
“How many PPEs are required at the Goroka Hospital, Asaro Health Centre, Kainantu District Hospital.
“The PHA is not telling us.
“We don’t (know) what is happening in Eastern Highlands.”
He was responding to queries raised on whether the Government’s support was reaching the provinces because non-government entities were conducting fundraising drives to support the Covid-19 response in Eastern Highlands hospitals reported to be running short of supplies.
Dr Daoni said only Western Highlands, Chimbu, East New Britain and the National Capital District were submitting their reports daily to the NCC.
Meanwhile, police were implementing strict measures at the Kenagi checkpoint in Daulo.
“Any vehicle that comes after the curfew begins at 2pm is not allowed to cross.
“Please do not waste your time and fuel to come,” site commander Steven Mondia said.