Maipakai can take on Kavo in 2012

Letters, Normal

IT is very frustrating to read about Gulf politicians behaving like clowns in our two daily newspapers.
The recent power struggle in the province is clearly a battle to gain control of the funds earmarked for development purposes.
Kikori MP Mark Maipakai is spearheading the assault.
He is a two-term MP and yet there is nothing to see from his two terms.
How sad.
The people of Baimuru and Ihu are crying for basic services and a proper road.
Instead, they are getting hot air.
Where have all the DSIP funds gone to?
How can he submit his acquittals when there is nothing to show for his “expenditures”?
Maipakai needs to start delivering instead of acting like a dictator.
He does not have the clout to do that unlike his NA cronies.
It is best he starts to provide services to our dying mothers, fathers and children.
He needs to improve our health centres, schools, roads, bridges and the long list goes on.
Many poor people are losing their life in the sea, especially Baimuru and Ihu, while travelling to access basic health services.
Enough is enough.
Maipakai should let Gulf Governor Havila Kavo to mange the provincial affair. The people of Gulf gave Kavo their mandate to serve them.
If Maipakai wants to challenge Kavo, then do it during the 2012 elections.
The people did not give their mandate to Maipakai, Pitom Bombom and the 10 LLG presidents to challenge the governor.
They must not take advantage of the resources boom in Purari to steal power from Kavo.
It is best they are reminded that the Purari is a mysterious land and anything can happen anytime.


Delta Paiton mysterious land
Purari, Baimuru,