Maipakai, Kavo must reconcile

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010

 Kikori MP Mark Maipakai and Gulf Governor Havila Kavo must put an end to their political differences and start serving the people with purpose and due diligence.

The offices they occupy belong to the people of Gulf and we should not become a laughing stock.

Their political in-fighting has dragged on for far too long and no one benefits from this. 

Do the people of Gulf deserve this continuous stupidity as showcased by our elected leaders?

Absolutely not! 

It is time our leaders display a sense of maturity, direction and purpose to lead the province to a new height.

While both leaders slug it out, the province and people they are supposed to serve continue to suffer due to lack of basic services and infrastructure.

The leaders’ continuous fighting only shows their inability to solve their differences professionally as elected leaders. 

Why can’t both of them be man enough to face each other and sort out their differences once and for all like learned leaders for the sake of our people? 

Their primary role and responsibility as elected leaders is to serve the people.

They need to provide political leadership that resembles unity, vision, hope, purpose and progression in its entirety to move the province forward next year and beyond. 

This is what our people need from our elected leaders, not political bickering and making a fool of themselves in public. 

We have had enough of yoyo MPs as displayed so far by our elected leaders. 

I suggest both leaders make a trip around the province and see for themselves the hardship the people are facing everyday.

For instance, the airstrips in Baimuru and Ihu have been closed for years.

Why is there no steps and plans being made to reopen them?  

Kikori airstrip is only served by Hevi Lift airline. 

Both leaders are aware of this yet did nothing.

One will use the Kerema airstrip while the other the Teredau airstrip.

Or they travel by dinghy to either Baimuru or Ihu. 

What has Maipakai done to bring development to his electorate?

Despite being a two-term MP, there is hardly anything to see on the ground.

What plans have Kavo put in place to bring the province forward?

The people of Gulf want to know what development plans are in the pipeline.

Unless both leaders display maturity, vision, purpose and direction in their primary roles as elected leaders, the province will keep going backward while the rest of PNG moves ahead.



BK Dara