Maipaki supports operation

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The National – Monday, January 31, 2011

INTERNAL Security Minister Mark Maipakai has shown his support of operation Sunset Merona, saying the exercise is to counter transnational crime and illegal importation of foreign goods.
Maipakai said as minister responsible for internal security, he would ensure that all the necessities for the operation would be provided.
“There are a lot of illegal activities that are reported on the border and that PNG persons are hired by both Papua New Guinea and foreign businessmen to bring cargoes into the country.”
He commended the joint border operation personnel and said if there was any need for an extension, he would bring in the national executive council to seriously consider extending the duration of the operation.
Meanwhile, Maipakai also said the contract of ex-police commissioner Gari Baki had formally expired on Jan 4 and that the onus was on the government to advertise the position.
He added that police force was not like an ordinary organisation and that discipline must be maintained and upheld at all cost.
“You need a chain of command that is functional because if there is faction there is breakdown.”