Major cultural festival to be staged in Jiwaka

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

A MAJOR festival combining the Jiwaka Pig Festival and Bilasim Skin Festival, will be held at Karkonza village in Banz, Jiwaka, in October.
According to the chairman of the festival, Jack Kulam, it will be a week-long programme.
Kulam told The National that the National Cultural Commission board decided to combine the two festivals to make a bigger one. The Jiwaka Pig Festival used to be held annually in September but this time it will be held in October, together with the Bilasim Skin Festival, which is usually held in Goroka, Eastern Highlands.
Kulam said there would be traditional dances and initiations, including the pig killing ceremony, at the end. He said apart from that there would also be workshops and conferences conducted during the festival.
“All government departments and non-governmental organisations will be invited to set up stalls and make awareness,” Kulam said.
He said awareness was important to the illiterate community.
“It’s important for the illiterate community to know issues affecting the communities and the world, like violence against women, climate change and others,” Kulam said.
Kulam attended the Pacific Festival of Arts in Guam in May to get information and ideas to organise the upcoming festival.
He has invited MPs from Jiwaka to support the event because of its importance in promoting culture and tourism. “I would also like to commend the Minister for Culture and Tourism, Tobias Kulang, for giving his attention to developing culture and tourism initiatives in the country.
“We have confidence in him and we will work with him to promote this industry,” Kulam said.
Minister Kulang will be invited to the festival.