Major upsets in Fairfax volleyball

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The National, Tuesday 26th June, 2012

THE Fairfax volleyball competition attracted a good crowd on Sunday at the Taurama Leisure Centre with teams such as Peteru and Patriots causing major upsets.
The day started with a men’s premier game that had Freeway Hox clashing with Uni.
Hox had the fire power in their tall spikers who stayed close to the net all throughout the game.
However, Uni were mobile and could adapt to various situations to utilise their serves and volleys to the back of the court to throw Freeway off their game with a 3-2 win.
In the other men’s premier matches Eagles beat Raukele 3-1, Peteru thrashed Sharks 3-0 and Patriots edged Telikom 3-2.
In the women’s encounters, Eagles defeated Raukele 3-2, Sharks beat Peteru 3-1 and Patriots defeated Telikom 3-0. In the U21 men’s games, Sharks defeated Peteru, Eagles tipped Raukele 3-2 and Telikom thrashed Uni 3-0.



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