Majority of schools closed yesterday

National, Normal

BY 10:30 yesterday morning schools in Lae were aware that the city had been issued a tsunami warning.
The majority of schools were closed for the day after a warning was issued.
Efforts to contact all high schools and secondary schools to confirm whether the warning had interfered with the Grade 10 examinations were unsuccessful, however, one secondary school decided to continue the Grade 10 examination despite the warning.
A staff member at Bugandi Secondary School said the school had been issued a notice at 10.45am and cancelled classes for every grade except Grade 10s who were sitting for their examination.
The examination ended at 11.45am and the Grade 10s were allowed to go home soon after.
He said there was concern for the students but no reason for panic.
Teachers at Markham Road Primary saw no reason for panic and continued their duties until 4pm yesterday.
The students were, however, sent home.
Headmaster Sam Nalong said parents came and took their children home and by 11am, all students had gone home.