Make 10% commission a crime, Tiensten

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 9, 2010

THE Vulupindi Haus should be renamed as the “house of thieves”.
If you were to stand at the entrance, you will see several huge alphabets that form the name of the building missing.
It does not cost even K50 to replace those fallen alphabets and yet millions of kina are being stolen or diverted elsewhere by mere underlings, spoiling the name of a great and distinguished public servant of this nation.
The prime minister down to the cleaning boy know all about the evils being committed and yet no one is doing anything to eradicate these activities once and for all.
That is the saddest part.
I am surprised that after their comments about Vulupindi Haus thieves, Paul Tiensten and Transparency International PNG did not commit themselves to taking action.
What good is talk without action?
I have a suggestion for Tiensten and TIPNG.
Can Tiensten, TIPNG and other like-minded people and organisations come up with a private member’s bill (via Tiensten) to make the “10% commission” a crime?
Enough of talk, we need immediate action in the form of tougher laws.


Wandul Eka
Port Moresby