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I AM a resident of Erima, Jabiru Drive.
Port Moresby is a city that is under sieged by thugs, criminal elements and heavily infested with uneducated village people who survive through selling stuff on the streets. These groups of people are in a symbiotic relationship with one another.
I commute regularly through Gordon to catch the bus and I have been intimidated border line harassed over five times and have been robbed once while I was returning from a second hand shop.
Out of fear I don’t catch the bus anymore even in the new location up at Unagi Oval, for that place is far worse from what I hear.
This group of thugs consist of small children up to grown men and they all operate as a team.
One will distract you, usually a kid, by blocking your way or talking to you or trying to sell you something and then two will come from behind and grab you while others will check your pockets.
I’ve experienced this happening to me in broad daylight with informal vendors (betel nut sellers etc) standing around doing nothing to assist.
This is happening not only in my part of the city but everywhere else from 4-Mile, Ela Beach, Sabama, Gerehu and even outside Vision City bus stop.
On Saturday (Sept 28) about 7.30 pm my beloved Erima became a war zone, gun shots rang throughout the night sky, as Justin Olam was playing but that was just irrelevant because a war was raging on and that war continued into the early hours of the next morning.
I am a long time POM resident, I grew up here I went to primary school, secondary school and University hear in POM.
I sincerely care about my city and I suggest that the National Capital District Commission make this city a policed city by:

  • Arresting the vendors and send them to their respective provinces;
  • Organising a sting operation or do a secret surveillance on public places to catch the street thugs;
  • Installing CCTV on every main street in POM with 24-hour surveillance;
  • Employing the help of the PNGDF to be stationed at all the hot zones of the city;
  • Stopping and frisking people regularly on the streets and arrest anybody who doesn’t have a valid reason for running around;
  • Monitor all the entry points of the city and make sure no potential criminal elements get through; and,
  • Build a secret farming prison to detain all the captives who will work as cheap labour to supply food to the city.

These are just some of the ideas I came up with but having said that, I feel sorry for these uneducated people but this is the capital it’s no place for unemployed.
Illiterates or opportunists, it’s supposed to be a hub for the working class so my call is on the Governor and the respective members to please make my city safe again.

Ipu Tawa,
Concerned POM resident

One thought on “Make city safe

  • Totally agree; the unemployed opportunists snick into the city on their accord, do not pay taxes, dispose of their thrash mercilessly, congregate in groups to strengthen their primitive agendas, and expect the government to look feed, clothe and house them. They should be bundled up and sent to communal farms to contribute positively. People are hiding under the guise of human rights for a ride and stampeding over or woman and children.

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