Make community safe for women


WE have seen, heard and are aware of issues concerning violence against women in almost every day in our society.
Recently, we have witnessed a cruel murder of young daughter, sister and mother-of-two Jenelyn Kennedy allegedly at the hands of one she devoted to love, respect and look up to as husband and father of her children.
I share the same sentiments as our daughters, sisters and mothers throughout the country in condemning the untimely and brutal death of Jenelyn and join in the protest; stop violence against women.
What I fail to comprehend and is still piercing my conscience is, how a man (husband/father) allegedly murdered the woman he loved as wife and call mother to his children.
To the very few men who see fit to abuse our daughters, sisters, and mothers, we take that you do not have a mother or sister like us.
It is saddening to mention that while the law provides for punishing those who violate womens’ rights, not every offender is punished for cruel acts committed against women.
Offenders who have money and resources utilise it at their own advantage to avoid the law to take its cause, thus remain free in the society.
Only those who have strong family ties and resources peruse the case to ensure justice is served.
Those who are economically weak and have no strong family ties are not able to peruse justice but accept such violence in silence and live on with these experiences.
They are not able to resort to any avenue to defend their right or to peruse justice for what has done to them.
There isn’t justice at all.
So, what have we learned from these experiences?
It appears no one, including the law enforcement agencies care about the issue of violence against women.
Our leaders raised concerns condemning the violence against women but are not taking meaningful steps to address the issue.
Violence against women is becoming an ongoing issue in the society and has taken a lot of innocent lives.
The government needs to address this issue.
The government should enact tougher laws to address violence against women and ensure a better and safe community for everyone to live.
We believe and trust in our courts as the only avenue that could do justice to victim, victim’s friends and families.
To women who have been subjected to any form of violence, whether it be physical or emotional, do not keep it to yourself, report it and let the police deal with the issue.
We pray for our brothers to learn to equally treat and respect our daughters, sisters and mothers in the society.

Naomi Kowas,
Twinky Winky, POM

One thought on “Make community safe for women

  • Government must do something quickly and women should not keep silent about the abuse and experiences they encounter in their life. You have the right to live and no one should take your life in disallowing you to live on earth.

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