Make Goroka airport safer

Letters, Normal

I WISH to commend the newly appointed Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) management for Goroka airport.
One of the first things they did was to clear the bushes and tall grass surrounding and within the airport which has become a hunting ground for settlement children.
What they must next do is to erect perimeter fence to prevent the people from trespassing the airport ground, especially at night, by criminal elements.
The CAA flats at the Goroka airport is being treated like a squatter settlement by outsiders.
Illegal activities going on at the compound include gambling, selling of betelnut, cigarettes and drugs, and prostitution.
I call on the police and CAA management to check and clean out the Goroka CAA compound.
The authorities must also look into the conversion of a government warehouse into a second hand clothes outlet near the airstrip.
It is posing a danger to both the aircraft and people.


Galahu Panaii