Make Jesus head of state


Papua New Guinea is the only country in the world where original King James Holy Bible is placed in heart of the legislative house of Parliament which confirms our identity as a Christian nation where God is our only source of life and all that we are blessed with.
With that being said, I strongly believe our country should make King Jesus (who is God, Christ and Holy Spirit) the head of state for the independent state of Papua New Guinea.
Because He is the Creator of Heaven and Earth and maker of angel and man.
Our Constitution was drafted based on the Bible and its principles and with the original King James Holy Bible in Parliament, to consolidate these godly acts, we must legally make King Jesus the head of state to fulfil the prophecies in the Bible that speaks about our country.
I am calling on all pastors, priests, laymen and Bible teachers to study the Scriptures and advise the Government on this spiritual development and well-being of our nation.
Make it happen for our spiritual benefit and good of our country.

Christopher W Taweg