Make Lae city a safer place


Voco Point in Lae also known as the Zhebu Beach to those who grew up in Lae, is the main boat stop for coastal people of Morobe. These includes people from Tewai-Siassi, Finschhafen, Bukawa, Salamaua and MorobePatrol Post.
Voco Point used to be the boat stop where people would dock their boat and sleep for the night to do their business the next day.
They would come to Lae to the hospital or to do shopping. Some of these are public servants especially teachers and health workers who come to Lae to check their news updates or to get new medical supplies and so on.
I remember the last time it was upgraded was when Kennedy Wenge built beach houses and put flower pots alongside the area for beautification. He also engaged youths to guard the area.
Not a year has passed and criminals burn the police station that was filled with police officers who had so much love for bribes.
Nothing much has been done about it, only those blue uniformed men who went and chased all the Sepiks with their market tables.
There are also some group of Ahi landowners who clean the area and collected fees but soon after they all disappeared.
Today, you will hardly escape a K5 boat crew, pick pockets, bilum snatchers and street sellers
not forgetting those lined up vendors, mostly from Bumbu Settlement.
It is no longer safe for people to come in to dock their boats including passengers who come to Lae for shopping who are always in fear as they might be forced by grabbed by these street vendors.
Boat owners fear leaving their boats out at night as these people might steal their boats and resell for money.
As a Morobean, I raise this concern to those who are capable of doing something to stop this.
I want to call upon MP John Rosso all MPs for Morobe, including Governor Ginson Saonu, to look into this and put an end to this.
Make Lae city a safer place for all!

Meiling Kekii Saiikobrand

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