Make new law to keep MPs in electorates


A NEW law should be enacted for all MPs to be based in their respective electorates or provinces.
They should only fly into Port Moresby for parliament sessions.
Other than that, they should be in their respective electorates and provinces.
The MPs should be near their constituents to identify their needs and address issues of their people.
Leaders are as shepherds; they should be close to the flock to feed, protect and look into other needs of the farm.
While operating from Port Moresby, almost all MPs are distracted from executing their primary responsibilities.
MPs have more freedom in using public funds at will and at any time but if they operate from their constituencies, they won’t misuse people’s money because they will fear for their lives.
This would be a solution to end mismanagement of public funds by MPs and governors.

Paul Minga
Ambang Village

One thought on “Make new law to keep MPs in electorates

  • I truly support this idea for MPs to live in their electorate.
    You go to other countries, Australia for instance, you will see MPs live in their electorate.
    For PNG it is because of the lifestyle. City lifestyle has everything. That seems to be the major reason behind living out of their electorate. Its a SHAME !

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