Make PNG politically stable


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill will definitely defeat any vote of no-confidence.
He, however, needs to consider making changes to his Cabinet.
Bring in few good Opposition MPs.
Appoint them as ministers to work with him to fix our current political problems.
This nation must continue to build political stability and promote confidence in our many development partners and business houses.
Our current MPs should be concentrating on planning and developing our provinces, districts and local-level governments using the huge allocations of both PSIP and DSIP funds.
Use some of these funds to promote small and medium enterprises (SME) sector instead of Waigani politics.
Many Papua New Guineans do not want to see changes to the current Government just for the sake of change.
In fact, what will the new government do if they take over the O’Neill-Abel Government?
Ordinary and simple Papua New Guineans, many of them unemployed, continue to struggle to make a living day-in day-out.
This is despite whether the Government had changed or not.
All we want to see is better infrastructure, education, health, communications, improvements in our law and order systems, and strengthening of church and Government partnership policy for spiritual developments in our societies.

Samson Napo
Former Bulolo MP