Make public apology in media, principal says

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The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 MORE than 100 Grade 11 students at the Tusbab Secondary School, in Madang, will have to make a public apology through media as an additional requirement to secure spaces in class.

Two weeks ago 106 of them, who had missed out on a space to continue in Grade 11, accused the school of accepting non-school leavers and school leavers from outside schools without considering students from Tusbab.

The students accused deputy principal Belong Mileng of accepting bribery.

Mileng denied the claim and demanded an apology through media before the 106 would be considered for approval.

The students went to complain on the local National Broadcasting Commission airwaves two weeks ago and yesterday went back to apologise through the same medium. 

“We are just students desperately in need to secure a space in our old school and we said things we were not supposed to say, we are truly sorry for accusing Mr Mileng for what we didn’t see with our own eyes,” a student Benly Zapileng said. 

Zapileng said male students were future bread winners of families and they should secure their place to continue their education.

Alex Tukua, another student, said they had already sat for two exams but don’t know whether their marks were entered.

“I am apologising to Mr Mileng on behalf of all the students and hope that he will consider us because we don’t have another choice but to say sorry to him and get accepted on his list,” Takua said.

Another frustrated group over the issue set fire to the school arts building yesterday it but was quickly put out by others.

Mileng said the  government’s free education policy outlined that all students must be in school but the problem everywhere was that there were not enough schools and spaces.

“We need two or three more secondary schools in the Madang town itself, the town population has increased and the number of students has also increased. Any serious government will consider this,” he said.