Make up your mind: Mogish

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NATIONAL and Sup-reme Court judge Justice Panuel Mogish yesterday urged defendants to make up their minds when choosing lawyers to represent them.
Justice Mogish said that any indecision would disrupt court proceedings.
He said this in a crowded courtroom when a number of defendants revealed to the court that they had engaged the services of a different lawyer, causing uncertainty.
 “I will grant you time to think about this, time in the sense of right now, not next week.
“Please make up your minds about who will represent you, this indecision is a disruption to court proceedings,” he said.
Justice Mogish said  it took time for lawyers to prepare their submissions and it was also procedural that the court must be notified if there were changes of lawyers representing defendants.
Attending to the court listings, the judge adjourned most of the cases to March 1.