Make vision 2050 a success, Zurenuoc tells public servants

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THE public service must embrace, work and run with the vision of the Papua New Guinea Vision 2010-50 when implementing the respective sectoral strategies.
This was the call made by the acting Chief Secretary to Government Manasupe Zurenuoc yesterday when giving a brief to the bureaucracy on the successful conclusion of the plan’s technical and formal consultation.
“My dear colleagues, heads of departments, statutory bodies, provincial administrations and constitutional offices, the challenge is great and we cannot just participate, we have to make the vision work by putting the ‘flesh to the bone’ or the ‘icing on the cake’,” Mr Zurenuoc said.
“Are we prepared to raise the stakes of our performance and stride with refined energy in our journey of service under the vision for our people?”
The six pillars of the vision are:
* Strategic planning;
* Human development;
* Systems and institutions;
* Climate change;
* Security and global relations; and
* Wealth creation
Mr Zurenuoc said the recent leaders’ summit in Lae cemented political support under the Morobe communiqué.
National strategic vision task force chairman Prof David Kavanamur said PNG must ensure that by the time the PNG Vision 2010-50  lapsed, it should be  rated among the top 50 countries in the world.
He said if the formal sector were given at least a reasonable percentage in the Government’s land reforms which begin next year, PNG’s gross domestic product (GDP) could be improved at least by 4.5% by 2020.
Prof Kavanamur said  improving our Human Development Index could be achieved by creating more opportunities for ordinary Papua New Guineans in other sectors of the economy within the pillars of the PNG Vision.
In addition, as most Papua New Guineans were in informal sector or agriculture, PNG ranks below the poverty line (53%) despite vast resources available to improve this.