Make workplaces healthier: Guinn

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PNG will join countries around the globe on Sunday in celebrating the World Heart Day.
The theme of this year’s celebrations is “work with heart”.
The president of the National Heart Foundation of PNG, David Guinn, called on Government institutions, employers and workers around the country to make their workplaces healthier and safer.
“At a time when governments and business leaders around the globe are devoting considerable amounts of energy, and billions of dollars, to improve the health of their countries’ financial systems, attention should also be directed to the health of the workforces,” Mr Guinn said.
Over 17.2 million people worldwide die annually from heart disease and stroke, the world’s leading cause of death, he said.
“With the increasingly alarming rate of heart diseases in Papua New Guinea, I urge all employers to ensure that the workplaces are an ideal setting to encourage healthy lifestyles, as most people spend over half their waking hours working rather than staying at homes.
“Workplaces’ wellness programmes that encourage healthy diets, physical activity and restrictions on tobacco use have been shown to be a cost-effective way to save lives and improve productivity,” Mr Guinn said.