Making headlines for the wrong reasons


Papua New Guinea’s education system continues to make media headlines for the wrong reasons.
It promotes the misguided and reckless education reforms that are likely to destroy the quality of our country’s education system.
This reform is definitely an education crisis.
It carries high costs where our education system will collapse in quality and quantity.
PNG needs an education paradigm shift.
Education Department has to look beyond counting the number of children sitting in classrooms and start to focus on learning.
Allocation of financial resources and teachers to schools should be geared towards improvement of standards.
At the end of the day, these are all PNG children, who have every right to receive a quality education that offers them a better future.
They have every right to expect
elected MPs to get behind them by improving the quality of the country’s education system, irrespective
of political segregation on the floor of Parliament.

Ken Nandawa
Rou’areke Wekei