Mal murder sentence deferred

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The National, Friday 16th December 2011

Sentencing for the three accused in the Catherine Mal case has been adjourned to Feb 7 next year because pre-sentence reports are not ready.
In addition, a medical report said Mal is “unfit to do work and appear in court”.
Mwagawa Mwawesi, representing the accused, presented to the court yesterday a medical certificate dated Dec 14 stating that Mal had been diagnosed with high blood pressure that she was a diabetic and was suffering from malaria.
Mal was admitted to the Modilon General Hospital intermediate ward a week after arriving at Beon jail.
Judge David Cannings called on community-based correction officers to speed up their paper work.
The officers blamed the delay on faulty office machines.
Catherine and her son, Emmanuel Ong, and her two nephews, Moses and Lotivi Mal were all found guilty by the Madang National Court of murder.
The deceased, Daga Nanas, had his tongue cut out and had multiple wounds to his head and face, lost four teeth as a result of the excessive force used by the US army knife that
was shoved into his mouth and twisted.
The issue was over a long-standing land dispute between the Sakel
and Mal family members, which resulted in a fight and the subsequent killing.