Malabag calls for the release of Baki’s investigation report

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The National- Friday, January 28, 2011

 The investigations into alleged abuse of office by Police Commissioner Gari Baki will be another waste of public money if the report is allowed to gather dust in Waigani, Public Employees Association president Michael Malabag said yesterday.

Malabag, who is a member of the investigation team set up to investigate circumstances leading to the suspension of Baki, called on the government to expedite the release of the findings of the committee.

The investigation team was funded with K40,000 to complete its two-week investigation and a final report was presented to Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenouc.

“Baki has the constitutional right to know the outcome of the investigation report,” Malabag said.

He said that he appreciated that it was the prerogative of government and he was not questioning the rationale in the delay in the release of the report.

“I am sure the government is equally cognizant of serious implications surrounding the withholding of findings of the report.”

Malabag said instigating and instituting the committee was proper, however, due process was not completed until such time the report was released.

He said by withholding the report would not only undermine the government and national integrity but open for legal challenge.

“I appeal to the government to do the right thing by releasing and acting on the recommendations of the report.”

He said that he was also mindful of the recent stand-off between police hierarchy and special service division (SSD) which must be ironed out quickly so police could focus on their role as law enforcement officers.

He said the biggest contributing factor was political interference in the appointment of the commissioner and the deputy commissioner.