Malabag condemns rampage by soldiers

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The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013


HEALTH Minister Michael Malabag has condemned the actions of several PNG Defence Force officers who went on a rampage at the University of PNG Medical Faculty at Taurama last weekend.

Malabag said in a statement that he condemned the actions of the soldiers who destroyed and terrorised the students, staff and employees of the hospital and the university campus.

“As minister responsible for health, its institutions, medical staff and medical students alike, I condemn the manner in which PNGDF soldiers who went on a rampage over an incident which resulted in a number of medical students being injured along with extensive damage caused to public property,” he said. 

“This is not the first time soldiers from Taurama barrack have created havoc in public and it is very unbecoming of professional soldiers to display such character.

“Mob rule tactics displayed by unruly members of discipline forces have no place in our society. There are means and ways of settling problems and disputes and not resorting to such behaviour as displayed over the weekend.”

Malabag said he was happy that his colleague the Defence Minister Fabian Pok and his hierarchy had acted swiftly to investigate the matter and called upon all security officers from the discipline forces to exercise more care, maturity and professionalism when faced with problems or disputes in the future.

“I agree with the Prime Minister that officers identified should be dismissed from the PNGDF actions they took are very serious and cannot be tolerated.

“What happened is uncalled for.”