Malabag proposes greater council for Moresby Northwest electorate

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The National, Tuesday 12th June, 2012

MORESBY Northwest candidate Michael Malabag is proposing to create a council to give equal participation to everyone in the development of the electorate.
Speaking at his campaign rally in Gerehu last Saturday, Malabag said the electorate comprised people of different backgrounds and ethnic groups living together.
He said every group in the electorate must benefit from services and development.
“Northwest is a multi-cultural society. We have to make sure everyone benefits at the end of the day.”
Malabag said in order for everyone to benefit and participate, “there has to be a council put in place that will comprise  representatives from the different groups in the electorate, be it women’s group, church groups or youth groups”.
He proposed to form a Greater Council of Moresby Northwest so that all would be represented.
Malabag stressed that good leadership would make sure that wealth would be equally distributed to
people throughout the country.
He said in order to have good leadership, “people must hold leaders accountable for the use of funds and other things”.
He said one of the purposes of the council was to have the people through their representatives in the council, hold leaders accountable for the funds given to MPs because many times members used the money without consideration of their electorates.
Malabag urged people not to focus on handouts or cash from candidates during election time.
He said they should consider what the candidates would do for them in the next five years.




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