Malabag takes swipe at Kavanamur and Vision 2050

National, Normal

PNG Trade Union Congress president Michael Malabag has warned against bureaucrats and academics taking over and manipulating Vision 2050 and leaving out important stakeholders.
Malabag warned that Vision 2050 would end up as another decoration in offices if the government did not address the issue now by establishing a transitional oversight body to see the implementation of Vision 2050.
“My concern is that we have come up with Vision 2050 and still there is no transitional oversight body to see the implementation of the PNG vision.”
The PNGTUC president, who was part of the task force that visited all parts of the country to put together the 30-year plan, said Dr David Kavanamur, who claimed to be chairman of the transitional oversight body, was a one-man show without any members.
“Technically, there is no transitional body to oversee the implementation,” Malabag said.
“I do not want to see Vision 2050 to be another decoration in people’s offices.
“My concern is that bureaucrats and academics are taking over and manipulating the plan and leaving out important stakeholders.”