Maladina goes to Supreme Court to stay Lelang’s reinstatement order

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The National – Thursday, June 23, 2011

PUBLIC Service Minister Moses Maladina has filed a Supreme Court application to stay a National Court order that ordered the reinstatement of Joseph Lelang as secretary of National Planning and Monitoring.
The National Court last month ordered the National Executive Council to take necessary steps to look into Lelang’s contract of employment and decide on whether Lelang should be reinstated.
The court ordered the NEC to decide within 14 days and that failure would result in Lelang taking office as secretary.
The NEC failed to meet within the 14 days and that resulted in Lelang taking his substantive position as secretary.
Yesterday, lawyer as­sisting Maladina, Arnold Amet Jr, filed a Supreme Court application to stop Lelang’s reinstatement on the basis that Lelang, among others, was accused of a criminal offence and that matter be sorted out before Lelang could take office.
However, Lelang’s law­yer, Philemon Ko­rowi, told the court he needed time to look through the stay application and the affidavit in support in order to make a response.
Presiding judge, Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia accepted and adjourned the matter to tomorrow, giving time for Lelang’s lawyer to go through the application and prepare his response.
Lelang is also facing criminal charges and the matter is pending before the committal court.
He is alleged to have broken into his own office soon after his reinstatement and stealing confidential files.
At that time the office was under the care of acting secretary Ruby Zariga.
He was charged with breaking, entering and stealing.