Maladina promises to fund projects in Normanby

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The National – Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ESA’ALA MP and Minister for Public Service Moses Maladina has met with leaders of the remote Sigasiga ward of Duwai LLG, Normanby Island, and promised to fund projects in their area.
He made this known after three elders from the area asked him last week to help fund a church and elementary school in Sigasiga.
Maladina told the leaders that unlike other areas in his electorate, Sigasiga had missed out on basic services in the past because of its remoteness.
“The challenge now is how do we reach these people and what can be done to help them,” he said.
Maladina said their isolation would be a thing of the past as he was prepared to work with the people and their leaders.
“I am committed to exploring ways to help them,” he said
Bomis Tau, who spoke on behalf of the people, said he was happy with Maladina for meeting with them and considering their needs.
“It is a huge bonus for us to have the minister himself talked to us.
“We are an isolated community and walk three to four hours to get to the nearest aid post or primary school,” he said.
Tau, who is a first-timer to Port Moresby, said the Sigasiga elementary school, Sigasiga United church and the Sigasiga youth ministry were the first projects they asked Maladina to help fund.
He said more than 2,000 people would benefit from the project.
He said other projects would be identified if the need arose and a new proposal would be made to Maladina.
Tau said Maladina would fund the project through the joint district services improvement programme.