Maladina to push for renewed service delivery

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The National, Friday, June 3rd 2011

PUBLIC Service Minister Moses Maladina will embark on amending the Public Management Act and its general orders to reduce delays in the public service machinery.
Maladina made the statement when opening a retreat for senior public servants at the Madang Resort Hotel.
He told journalists later he would look into trying to have workable policies that did away with cultural norms impeding service delivery.
While not elaborating on what they would be, he said in these series of meetings since 2004, the participants had to answer the weighty question of whether service delivery mechanisms were in place.
 “Are we actually achieving? Why are we not delivering government services? As leaders you should be concerned,” he said.
“You are senior bureaucrats and educated elites in your own communities. You should ask yourself when you go back home to your own villages or communities why services are non-existent,” he said.
He encouraged participants to come up with resolutions directed to him at the end of their retreat.
The event was hosted by the Public Sector Workforce Development Programme through the Department of Personnel Management, sponsored by AusAID and facilitated by Prof David Kavanamur, the head of Strategic Management at UPNG and Dr Anne Hartican.