Malalaua opens police station

Normal, Papua


MALALAUA station in the Kerema district celebrated the opening of their new police station last week which will play a vital role in curbing law and order issues in the area.
Deputy Prime Minister, Sir Puka Temu officially opened the station and said  law and order in the country was one of the key areas the Government was looking to boost.
He said “the Government will be putting into place a total of K104 million for police facilities and policing programmes in the districts”.
Kerema Open Member Titus Bombom also pledged to his people that more development projects will follow, thus, the setting up of  the police station should ensure law and order, which is a vital aspect in the process of other developments.
“The absence of police along the highway into Kerema resulted in the increasing lawlessness”.
However, the establishment of  the police station and cell block would ensure that police resources to the district would  increase and this, in turn would also enable business confidence to return to the area, he added.
Mr Bombom also added that moves were underway to establish a prison system at Amaroa near Uamai village, which is 40km from Malalaua and urged the Government to see the importance of the idea as the prison system in the area was muted since 1972.
The new Malalaua police station cost around K1 million which includes a cell block and other  facilities.