Malaria fight stepped up with distribution of nets

Lae News, Normal


THE Rotary Club of Huon Gulf last week distributed more than 10,000 mosquito nets to schools throughout Lae.
This mass distribution of nets is in line with the provincial health division’s plan to eradicate malaria in Papua New Guinea.
Club president Cynia Sanchez said the club is assisting the provincial health office achieve its goal of trying to reduce the number of deaths from malaria in pregnant mothers and children under the age of five.
Mrs Sanchez said malaria was the second biggest killer disease in PNG, according to Health Department statistics.
“It was important that organisations other than the Health Department assist in overcoming malaria in PNG,” she said.
Mrs Sanchez also said that mosquito nets were the second biggest method recommended by the department to prevent malaria.
“The department also recommends that households should clean around their areas, as the best way of preventing malaria,” she said.