Malau calls for review of policy

National, Normal

The National Monday, December 13, 2010

THE Public Health Regulation (1973) needs to be reviewed and re-enforced for the safety of public health at a time when the country is experiencing outbreak of diseases like cholera.
The cholera that was becoming a concern for certain provinces had brought to light issues like poor water supply and sanitation including poor housing condition in communities that were affected in both rural and urban areas.
Other than houses, public places like markets, parks and beaches, among others, needed to have toilet and water facilities.
According to the Public Health Regulation (Sanitation and General) 1973, it is illegal in PNG “not” to have a toilet and it is also illegal to urinate and defecate outside of a proper toilet, according to a number of acts before independence.
Although the regulation had been in place prior to independence, it had lacked enforcement and implementation over the years.
“Morals of health have deteriorated and it raises a lot of other questions,” health secretary Dr Clement Malau said.
He said health regulations were well complied with during the colonial days adding that there needed to be a change in people’s attitude in upholding morals of health as well changes in the health infrastructures.
“The public health regulation needs re-enforcement, the country also lacks a water and sanitation policy,” Malau said.