Malau has failed and needs to be replaced

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I AM a simple health worker in the Health Department.
I have worked under many health secretaries since independence.
I have seen the progress, development and failures of the department during this period.
To say I am distressed under the current leadership of Dr Clement Malau is an understatement.
If the government continues to appoint leaders from certain region, then something is terribly wrong.
Malau is incompetent and he has failed miserably in handling the outbreak of diseases in PNG.
The cholera and dysentery outbreak could have been contained and prevented from spreading had he acted immediately and stamped his authority.
Besides that, he failed to prevent health workers from going on strike, failed to implement the health plan under his watch, failed to resolve problems affecting the blood bank and St John Gerehu hospital, and the long list goes on.
In my simple analysis, Malau is incompetent and the government must replace him immediately.
PNG needs a committed, hard working, decisive and problem solving health secretary to resolve the current health problems and implement the 2011-20 national health plan. 

NDOH insider
Port Moresby