Malau satisfied with progress on health care

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The National – Friday, June 24, 2011

HEALTH Secretary Dr Clement Malau, whose contract expires on July 14, says he is satisfied to see key achievements in improving health services but much more needs to be done in addressing and improving the health of all Papua New Guineans.
Malau said there had been progress and some achievement in priority areas that includes policy and planning, human resource improvement, governance and improving finance system including international obligations despite the challenges.
“Progress has been slow into the implementation of the roll-out of the provincial health authority, community health post, primary health care implementation and medical supplies improvement but momentum is taking shape,” he said.
He said the government had already committed K13 million for the community health post programme while medical kit supplies were being distributed.
 “Work has begun on the total reforms of our drug supply system,” he said.
“We cannot continue to entertain a system that gives problems. We must change it for the better.”
Malau announced that the other six areas were addressing key health concerns such as tuberculosis, malaria, HIV and epidemic diseases such as cholera.
“In the area of international obligations, partner agency coordination mechanism have been strengthened and that enabled PNG to be a member of the executive board of World Health Organisation and alternate member of the Global Fund board.
“In this area six major activities have been completed despite the difficulties we have faced.
“We now have unquestionable confidence from our partner agencies,” he said.
“The future of health is in the hands of those who are in positions of power now, no one else has the power to shape the future, it is us who make the decisions and set the building blocks for the future.
“I call on health workers tasked with duties to perform with your hearts in-spite of challenges and setbacks.
 “In the area of policy and planning, the recently completed national health services standards will now ensure transformation of health services based on real evidence.
“These standards will ensure that health standards are applied throughout the country,” Malau said.