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MALAYSIA is keen on contributing to the attainment of Vision 2050 by offering the Malaysian Training Corporation Programme (MTCP) as an avenue to inspire and stimulate the vision.
Malaysian High Commissioner Datin Blanche Olbery said this during the MTCP alumni dinner last week
Ms Olbery stressed on the importance of human resource development and the Malaysian government’s full commitment to the ongoing MTCP.
“Prime Minister Sir Michael has sent a strong message that human resource development and public service were the two key elements in achieving this vision,” she said.
Similar to other training and scholarship programmes offered to developing countries, the MTCP was an initiative of the Malaysian government aimed towards the sharing of development experiences.
It was also directed at strengthening bilateral relations between Malaysia and developing countries, further promoting south-south cooperation and technical cooperation.
MTCP is based on the credence that human resource development is the catalyst for countries to achieve sustainable economic and social development; testimonies given by former recipients during the dinner proved that the programme was a success.
Currently training in core development areas included public administration, agriculture development, development planning, poverty alleviation, investment promotion, central banking and the English language.
Ms Olbery challenged recent and previous recipients of the programme to use the knowledge and expertise gained to perform their tasks particularly in contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and expertise for the development of the nation.
Other guests who spoke during the dinner included Lt-Col Christian Kenewi of the PNG Defence Force, who was a recipient of the programme and PNG alumni vice-president.