Malaysian Association donates K40,000 to City Mission


The Malaysian Association of PNG presented K40,000 to Papua New Guinea City Mission at Mirigeda, outside Port Moresby, on Sunday.
City Mission founder Hillary Wong said “the MAPNG was one of the first to be the main sponsor to partner with us when City Mission started and until now they have continuously been donating because they believe in us and what we do.”
According to Wong, City Mission plans to expand its projects in Lae and Port Moresby.
“City Mission relies on donations of goods and money from sponsors to carry on with the activities we do to take care of the unfortunate who volunteer to work for community development,” Wong said.
“City Mission has operated successfully with the help of our volunteers who help work in the farm and also the people in charge who play a big role in this community as a whole. Because of them we have something to do as well for the betterment of our lives.”