Malaysian envoy urges government to provide midwife training

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The National, Monday 13th May 2013

 THE government has been urged to provide training for midwives.

Malaysian High Commissioner Datin Seri Blanche Olbery said this yesterday while joining mothers at the Port Moresby General Hospital maternity ward to celebrate Mothers’ Day. She handed out gifts to them.  

Visiting the mothers at the maternity ward to share the day has been an annual event for Olbery for the past three years, saying that it was a very special day and as a woman it was a privilege to celebrate with them.

She said in a country such as PNG, child birth was a big issue because it led to a lot of deaths. 

“It is always better to pay attention to mothers so that child birth can be improved.

“Government can better help by providing better roads, more clinics with better facilities and train women to be midwives,” she said.

She said most rural clinic lacked midwives resulting in many deaths.

“Midwife is a noble, kind and satisfying profession especially in this country and government should provide more training for them,” she said. 

She said the Malaysian High Commissions was willing to assist in the training of midwives, adding that there are a lot of issues raised on women this year and it was only proper to come and give a hand.

Agnes Tambepu, a mother from Hela, said it was a great honour to receive such a gift and thanked the Malaysian High Commission for visiting and the presents.

Hospital maternity ward’s Sr Rachael Badari said between midnight to 2pm yesterday, 20 babies were born, among two pairs of female twins.