Malaysian firms in running for PNG LNG deals

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TWO Malaysian companies are in the running for contracts in the PNG LNG project.
Reports from Malaysia say that Wah Seong Corporation Bhd (Wah Seong) and Bredero Shaw Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Bredero Shaw) are currently the two pre-qualified bidders keen on undertaking the pipeline coating project worth US$200 million (about K800 million).
The work is expected to be divided between the two contenders.
Another company called KNM Group Bhd was also considering supplying process equipment worth a few hundred million dollars to the LNG facility.
Wah Seong has a large division specialised in servicing the oil and gas sector’s pipe coating and corrosion protection, design and fabrication of gas compressions and process equipment packages. It also supplies infrastructure building materials and agro-based engineering services.
Wah Seong’s company website says it operates in more than 20 countries worldwide and aspires to be a global oil and gas services group by 2012.
The other company, Bredero Shaw, is a division of ShawCor Ltd, an  energy services company focused on technology-based products for the energy industry.
It claims to be the global leader in the development and manufacture of pipe coating solutions for the oil, gas and water industries. With a rich history of proven experience that dates back to the 1930s, the company is the preferred choice of major energy industry clients around the world.
More than 250,000km of pipelines around the world have been protected using Bredero Shaw technology and services. The company, skilled in developing solutions for its clients, has the largest team of experienced and dedicated pipe-coating professionals in the industry.
With the most extensive network of strategically located plants around the world, and with proven, innovative coating technologies, Bredero Shaw has coated more pipelines in more diverse geographical areas and climates than anyone in the industry, according to its website.