Mald’s resolution disgusts woman activist

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A VIOLENCE against women activist is disgusted with Moresby North east MP Andrew Mald’s New Year resolution to keep his female family members in line by putting a price tag on their heads.
“It’s an insult to all women in his electorate and country,” Papua Hahine Social Action Forum executive officer Susan Setae said.
Mr Mald was reported to have given the order to his relatives to basically assault his two wives and sisters for a payment of K2,000 each.
He was quoted to have said “if anyone saw his wives or sisters in skimpy clothing or getting into taxis without his permission, he wanted them sent to the intensive care unit and to return and pick up their payments from him”.
Mrs Setae said: “It’s an insult to me as a woman. As volunteers, we care for violated women seeking treatment at the Port Moresby General Hospital.
“Mr Mald’s action shows he has no respect for his mother, wives and sisters. As a leader, he should not be saying such things.
“Women also voted for him to be in Parliament, so who is he
representing? If he wants to do something positive, he should be helping to fight violence.”
She said Mr Mald’s action was unbecoming and made without any thought.
“Although he meant well because he does not want his reputation tarnished by his family members, this is not the way.
He is actually
limiting their freedom of movement and of earning a living.”
Transparency International PNG chairman Peter Aitsi also urged Mr Mald to reconsider his words and action. 
“As an MP, his actions are ridiculous.
“He should, instead, be at the forefront of advocating and promoting protection for women against violence, not the opposite.
“Mr Mald’s words may also have been taken out of context as it was uttered in a family gathering
celebrating the festive season,” he added.