Mald applauds alcohol meet

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The National – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AN MP has congratulated the government for moving swiftly to address the issue of alcohol abuse.
Moresby Northeast MP Andrew Mald said the symposium on alcohol abuse held over the last two days highlighted various issues related to the trading and the consumption that should be used by the government and  other  stakeholders to find measures to address this issue.
He said tougher laws are need to control alcohol trading and consumption to control the escalating deaths and crimes that are directly related to the abuse of alcohol.
Mald  said trading hours at night clubs should be regulated, all liquor trading in settlements and residential areas should be shut down and tougher penalties should be meted out to those who disobeyed.
He also said all night clubs should not sell liquor beyond midnight, adding that all motorists caught under the influence of alcohol must lose their licences on the spot.
He added that besides loss of life, the cost to the economy, the cost of medical treatment, police investigation, and compensation demands and payments were costly.