Mald funds sports

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WITH the initiative by NCD Governor Powes Parkop to make Port Moresby a better place to live in, Moresby Northeast MP Andrew Mald has earmarked K100,000 for the cause.
Mald, who is following the footsteps of Parkop, is keen to see his electorate also contributing to such an initiative by hosting sporting activities for its inhabitants.
Both Parkop and Mald, who are first-time MPs, have displayed great leadership by taking the lead in organising sporting activities and tournaments for the city residents in respective suburbs.
The MPs are using sports to drive their message to unemployed youths that participating in sports such as the Masta Mak Cup, the Governor’s Cup and the Mald Cup, will keep the youth busy during the festive season and keep them away from engaging in illegal activities.
Mald said the unemployment rate was increasing every year because many graduates and school leavers were unable to find employment.
He added that the National Government should address unemployment problem currently facing the youth and come up with some form of employment – sport was an alternative.
During the Easter weekend, the Moresby Northeast residents witnessed the grand finals of three sports – touch rugby, basketball and volleyball – played at Bird of Paradise Park at Erima.
The finals culminated from six weekends of competition played in various venues which included 6-Mile (Saraga oval), Laloki oval, Bomana/Vanuatu and Erima.
Mald used funds under his youth, law and order allocation to fund the sports.
He said many teams took part in these sports and the winners would be rewarded at this weekend’s presentation.
All the winners will be awarded with a shield and cash prizes for topping their respective sports.
A similar sports tournament is planned for September which will run through to December during Christmas and New Year followed by the grand final.