Male student gang-raped in Mendi town

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By AGNES FIFI UKI UPNG journalism student

A  MENDI High School male student was allegedly gang-raped by a group of women from Unjamap village just outside Mendi Town.
The male student, 17, had walked out of the school in the evening to buy some necessities at a trade store when he was held up by a group of more than 10 women armed with knives.
They ordered him to lie on the ground and took turns in raping him.
He was discovered by other people after four women had already assaulted him.
The matter was reported to the police and normal investigation processes were carried out and the suspects will be arrested soon.
Southern Highlands Police Commander Supt Teddy Tei said that usually it was men who gang-raped women. But the case of women gang-raping men is uncommon and probably only a few have been reported throughout the country.
“Police have been warning women to be cautious of their movements in fear of them being likely raped but this incident is the opposite.
“I am now informing men to be careful in the night as well because the danger is infected women with HIV/AIDS are running around in groups to pass on the deadly disease to men,” Tei said.
He said such were actions of lunatics, ill, and mentally affected people who  did not respect their fellow people and commit such inhuman acts.
“Such people are a liability and polluting the society and ultimately the law must deal with them,” he said.