Mamose police chief sets bad precedent in the force

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday March 13th, 2014

 I REFER to complaints from Yangoru-Saussia villagers expressing their dissatisfaction over the behaviour  and  action  of the police mobile squad 04 in the district (Feb 21). 

The poor Mamose police chief, Simon Kauba, failed to understand that the villagers there had a point about the unruly behaviour of rogue cops in the district who burned down homes of innocent villagers without serving any legal documents. 

This is totally unacceptable and against the law for law-enforcing agents.This  injustice  is absurd. 

The police chief must have been blind to give his full support to such illegal techniques employed by his officers, which is only promoting and supporting the  rot in the constabulary to continue as long as people like him remained  in the force. 

Such actions from a police chief also reflects his ability to manage the force at his level. 

The efforts to rid such behaviour in the police force has  cost  the  state  millions of kina already and has also put the force under heavy criticisms locally and internationally. 

The police commissioner and the new police minister need to do something about such lack of performance by responsible people up in the ranks who do not seem to understand their roles and are dragging the force behind by supporting such illegal techniques by their men. 

Otherwise, the much- talked about changes within  the  Royal PNG Constabulary  will have nothing  to  show  at the  end of the year but a long list of complaints against their  men in blue. 


37 Seiwok

Port Moresby