Man accused of killing wife over K20 arrested


A MAN accused of killing his wife over K20 was arrested by police in Gulf last week.
Police commander Inspector Silva Sika said the suspect, who escaped from Ova village in the Ihu local-level government area, was apprehended by CIDs police.
He said the suspect has not been charged yet because there were many reports that needed to be gathered and investigated properly before charges were laid.
Sika said an argument arose between the couple when the suspect took K20 from the woman’s bilum without asking her and bought homebrew. He came home, had an argument with her and allegedly chopped her forehead with an axe.
“The deceased had left her bilum in the house and went to make sago in the bush when he took the money from her bilum and bought steam with it,” he said.
The suspect is 25. The woman died at the Kerema General Hospital from loss of blood.

One thought on “Man accused of killing wife over K20 arrested

  • Evil man! this type of men don’t deserve a partner.
    Shame he cannot provide for his family, instead lives off his wife!

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