Man accused of wife’s death

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A MAN who allegedly stabbed to death his pregnant wife appeared in court yesterday facing two counts of wilful murder.
Goroka Committal Court Magistrate Gerard Vetunawa yesterday read the charges to Maxon Wikos, 39, of Ulupu village in Maprik, East Sepik before adjourning the case to Oct 30. The two counts of wilful murder were over the death of his wife Lincy Wikos, 30, and her unborn child.
Police alleged that on Sept 11, Wikos while under influence of liquor arrived at their rented home in Seigu village on the eastern end of Goroka town.
The wife was cooking outside the house with the landlord’s wife when Wikos allegedly pulled her and took her into the house.
Police allege that they were inside the house for a while before an argument developed.
Lincy then ran out pleading with the landlord’s wife for help saying she had been stabbed.
She was holding onto the landlord’s wife when Wikos came out and pushed them to the ground.
He allegedly stabbed her again with a kitchen knife.
She tried to flee to the back of the house but fell.
Police allege that Wikos fled while neighbours and landlord’s family took her to the Goroka Provincial Hospital.
She died that same day.
She was from Yami village in Maprik, East Sepik.
She has a son.


  • Alcohol took the better of him. He is a man possesed by devil to commit this horrendous crime.
    He should be punished for his act.
    Life Sentence will suit this animalistic mind, who showed no heart for the innocent woman and her unborn child.

  • That is why we have to totally ban alcohol. If the country still allow this product, we will always continue to be living as sad and vulnerable people in our very own communities.

  • Alcohol is the cause of the problem. He has got some motives behind killing his wife. Try to investigate properly and find out.

    There are some very professional and genuine drinkers where alcohol does not control them and alcohol is for relaxation and not for killing innocent life. Alcohlol is good but it’s how you use it.

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