Man angry over Lae land title

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The National, Friday 19th April 2013

 A MAN is fuming after discovering that the title to a piece of land he acquired in Lae for development is also held by someone else.

Bagiro Morobe, from Amoa village, Morobe patrol post in Huon Gulf, acquired the land title on Section 027, Allotment 043, after following all the required procedures with the Morobe provincial lands authorities. The land is located on the beachfront along Butibam Road. 

Developer Dokena Builders Ltd assisted Morobe in compiling a submission to the provincial lands and physical planning board to develop the piece of land.

The board approved the submission and submitted it to the provincial executive council for endorsement. 

On July 6, 2011, former Morobe governor Luther Wenge, advised lands secretary Romilly Kila Pat, and later acting secretary John Ofoi, of the provincial council’s support for Dokena Builders to develop the land for the Morobe Park project. 

On March 21, 2012, the provincial council   committed K1.7 million as counter funding for the land development.

Deputy Governor Morokoi Gaiwata directed the provincial administrator to assist in implementing the proposed development of the Morobe Park project. 

But it was later discovered that Nambawan Super had acquired the title to that piece of land in 2007. It was allowed to develop the area, provided it developed it within three years.

Provincial land board member Peter Seske said the board members had no knowledge of Nambawan Super acquiring the title.

“It is almost seven years and the Nambawan Super failed to make any attempts to develop the land,” Seske said.

Lands Department compliance officer in the Mamose region Veronica Biwa had earlier listed the piece of land as one of the properties for forfeiture in Lae city. 

She had advised manager leases compliance Jason Komet that 18 properties had been forfeited, including Section 027 Allotment 043.

Biwa said: “Upon physical inspections on Jan 16, 2013, realised that the properties were vacant and undeveloped. 

“Some have been paying their land lease rental, however, failed to honour the other lease condition of improving the land within the given time frame.”

Morobe said he had already spent almost K50,000 to improve the land.

No comments could be obtained from Namabawan Super.